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The mission of the National 1L Council is to support the academic success and career placement of its members. To achieve our missions, the Council implements a three tier approach designed to support members reach their individual goals. Join the National1LCouncil today and take advantage of opportunities and discounts that are only open to members. For current 1Ls we highly recommend that you contact our Executive Director of Academic Support for upcoming events and workshops. This year, the Director’s work helped 1L’s at UCLA, USC and Loyola earn top grades in their first semester courses. We are proud of their achievement!

1L Spring Academy

Current pre-law prep programs don’t do enough to help first-year law school students succeed. Our summer and spring academy is a better choice because we don’t merely “review” the law, we explain it and give students exam experience. Here’s what distinguishes our program:

  • Our Instructor has Proven Results

    Competing programs such as Law Preview, hire law school professors to instruct large lecture rooms of admitted law school students. Our instructor, Franklin Sims, requires that the student to teacher ratio is much smaller. Unlike a law school professor, Franklin, is not unclear when he explains legal concepts. Instead he explains them from a big picture perspective and uses modern learning and memory strategies that engage students. Thus, our members are not merely listening to a scholarly lecture as much as they are learning and comprehending the law they will be taught in their first year of law school.

    Franklin is a UC Berkeley, Boalt Hall alumnus and the author of “Getting to Tier 1”. He has made a career helping law school students earn the grades needed to transfer to top tier law schools, negotiate bigger scholarships and land competitive legal jobs. Learn more about Franklin at

  • The Academy is more affordable and useful

    Popular programs such as Law Preview charge too much for what they deliver to students. Our competitors only offer a “review” of law school but students deserve and need more. To be successful in the first-year, students need to know how the law connects and how it is tested on law school exams. Anything short of that is a disservice and a waste of money.

  • Students begin law school understanding more legal concepts than their peers

    Starting law school is like visiting a foreign country. Knowing the language before you get there makes the experience much more manageable. While your peers are learning concepts they are hearing for the first time, members who participated in the1L Summer Academy understand more of what is being taught in the classroom. Since they struggle less to keep up with the material, they can focus on building exam skills. This is most important since it is the exams that determine your grade and not class participation.

  • All First Year Courses are Covered

    The Academy covers the following courses: (1) Tort Law, (2) Contract Law, (3) Property Law, (4) Constitutional Law, (5) Criminal Law (6) Law of Civil Procedure.

  • Learn how to Approach Law School Exams for Every First-Year Class

    Your success in the first year of law school is completely dependent on final exam performance. However, hardly any student will start law school with actual exam taking experience. Unlike any other prep program, the Academy focuses on exam practice and feedback so that our members have a clear competitive advantage. This feature directly prepares students for success in law school and separates the Academy from all competitors.


Stay tuned for upcoming event dates…

  • San Diego

    August 11 – 16, 2014

  • Glendale

    July 7 – 12, 2014

  • Long Beach

    June 23 – 28, 2014

  • Indiana

    July 14 – 19, 2014

  • UCLA

    August 4 – 9, 2014

  • USC

    July 21 – 26, 2014

  • Berkeley

    Date: TBA

  • Malibu/Pepperdine

    August 18 – 23, 2014

Advanced 1L Career Services

Law school students need good jobs to pay back their school loans. Law school career services departments are the bridge between students and jobs. However, career services at most law schools don’t have enough contacts and networks in the legal community to meet the needs of the majority of admitted students. National 1L Council is solely committed to delivering career services to its members only. Here’s what we offer:

  • Resume and Cover Letter Drafting and Editing

    At the busiest part of the semester law school career service departments advise students to draft resumes and cover letters so that they can be used to seek jobs with law firms and judges around the nation. However, students don’t have the time to worry about tedious administrative tasks when exams are only weeks and days away. Our members are eligible for services that relieve them of this burden so they can focus on acing classes.

  • Private consulting for 1L Summer Job Networking

    Law school career services do not have enough contacts to service all students. Additionally the on-campus interview process often favors the same few students who make it to the top of the class. Our members have a career consultant and are introduced to inside networking circles and strategies that most first year students know little about. As a result, our members take advantage of networking and job opportunities where the competition is lower and the results are higher.

  • December 1st Mailing Service for Summer Jobs and Clerkships

    First-year law school exams usually occur during the first three weeks of December. If exams weren’t enough trouble, the earliest date that a first year law school student can contact a judge or law firm for summer work is December 1st. As you can imagine, it is impossible for most students to meet this deadline. With so few first-year summer jobs available in the current legal market, submitting resumes and cover letters on this date can make a huge difference. Instead of stuffing hundreds of envelopes and mail merging during final exams, our members can focus on their exams when they take advantage of our mailing service.

Final Exam Workshop

The last week or two before final exams is the most stressful period for a first-year law school student. Most students are wrapping up outlines and struggling to understand the law. This doesn’t have to be you.

Members who participate in Final Exam Workshops hosted at their law schools are given exam approaches tailored to their particular class. It’s easy! All you do is submit your syllabus to the workshop coordinator and schedule a final exam workshop. The workshop instructor will explain how to answer exam questions for your specific class based on your specific syllabus in a step-by-step manner.

Please note that Workshops are available by SPECIAL APPOINTMENT ONLY and must be booked in advance due to scheduling constraints at this busy part of the semester.

Here’s why this opportunity is worth it:

  • Workshops are Tailored to your Particular Professor and Class
  • Great way to help a Study Group be More Effective
  • Helps students enter exams with a Solid Plan of Attack


Law School is expensive. We are committed to seeing that our members save money during law school. Our 1L Summer Academy is nearly half the cost of popular programs such as Law Preview and our Spring Academy is FREE. Additionally we allow students to make installment payments so that services remain affordable for everyone.

  • 1L Summer Academy

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  • $600
    one time payment
  • 1L Summer Academy

  • {{content-1}}
  • $220
    per month x3
  • Advanced Career Services

  • {{content-1}}
  • $29.99
    per month for 1 year
  • Law School Admission Service

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  • $29.99
    per month for one year
  • Getting to Tier 1

  • Did you know that there are 1Ls earning top grades because they approach law school unconventionally? I work with them every year and we are realizing tremendous results. Some are transferring to top tier law schools. Others are negotiating full scholarships. And each year, my clients receive multiple offers from top law firms.

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